Hottest Celeb Home Theatres

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The Hottest Celeb Home Theatres


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

We're sure The Rock loves his home theatre as much as he loves the gym. His home cinema was rated one of the "Best Home Cinemas in the World." The screen is more than 220 feet and it boasts built-in speakers. (Lift jaw from floor)

Jennifer Lopez

JLO's Home Theatre is fit for a DIVA as herself. She most definitely hosts lots of after-parties here once she finishes filming her Music videos.

Adam Levine 

I guess it's safe to say the Lead Singer of Marroon 5 has a favorite color and it is almost 99% positively BLUE.

Brittany Spears

Would you imagine anything less celestial of a home theatre for the woman behind every hit song of the 90's.

Josh Hutcherson's Outdoor Theatre


Michael Jacksons Private Home Theatre 


Kanye West

Kanye spoke many times about how materialism is fleeting and it shows in the way he designed his very humble home theatre, given he is worth $160 MILLION. We did notice that his projector is missing a port window to protect the sound and clarity of the picture.  

Ryan Seacrest 

We would never take Ryan as the rustic type... but surprise, surprise, he shocks us with his HOMEY, WOODEN and ROMANTIC home theatre that looks like a high-end cinema in a Vermont villa. I'm sure his home theatre has a Projection Port Window. just like the 'Real Theatres'.

Judd Apatow

For the KING of every blockbuster comedy ever made, this home theatre is pretty humble... Probably because he's never in it and he's busy MAKING the MOVIES. 
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