Projection Mapping Takes the World by Storm

As many of you may have know, Projection Mapping is taking the world by storm! We have put together a visual presentation to list which countries are utilizing the hypnotic beauty of projection mapping at it's finest.



Jerusalem, Israel

The only thing more beautiful than Jerusalem stone, is a wall full of Jerusalem stone illuminated by PROJECTION MAPPING!



Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Opera house does justice to the entire reason why Projection Mapping was invented. Australian's are definitely showing the world how it's done, Take a look for yourself:

Berlin, Germany

The Open Beatz Festival in Germany reached a whole different level of excitement thanks to the endless possibilities of projection mapping!

Paris, France

The Eifel Tower flaunts a beautiful Projection Mapping show in honor of Bastille Day


Dehli, India

Old Fort in Delhi hosts a Projection Mapping show called The Love of Delhi, a 55-minute show that depicts Delhi through the history of its 10 cities, beginning from the 11th century to the present.

Town Hall, Los Angeles

Amphitheater Center, Scotland

Empire State Building, NEW YORK

Rome, Italy

The Colosseum is illuminated in the Patriotic colors of ITALIA!

Milan, Italy

Ghent, Belgium

There was the most unbelievable projection mapping display at the Light Festival this year in Belgium. And to add, the project was environmentally aware and only used 55,000 LED lights consumed only 20Kwatt/h of electricity!

Madrid, Spain

Another incredible shot of Spain showing us the enchanting power of PROJECTION MAPPING!






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